HTML5: Real Estate Agent

prtksxna Thodi see margin aur padding toh chalti hai yaar, kya karega itni real estate ka. Dalla sala.
(A little bit of margin and padding is fine man, why do you need to much real estate, are you an estate agent?)
Ford_Prefect prtksxna: which makes you a real estate developer?
prtksxna YESH
prtksxna I landscape properties using CSS
Ford_Prefect transform them
prtksxna And customise homes with JavaScript
prtksxna All our homes are HTML5 sir, would you like to see the markup?
prtksxna doctype html5: certified
Ford_Prefect What’s the super builtup <textarea>
prtksxna 150 characters sir, more that Twitter even!
Ford_Prefect :D
prtksxna You’ll make the downpayment sir? You’ll get HTML today, and JS and CSS as you pay the installments
prtksxna Ford_Prefect sir?
Ford_Prefect Is the modular.js kitchen included?
prtksxna Yes, sir, with backbone.js sariya (iron rod)
prtksxna And angular.js fans
prtksxna We have an ember.js fireplace too
prtksxna but that is for the single page apps, they are slightly expensive
Ford_Prefect Is that bootstrap scaffolding I see?
prtksxna Yes, sir! Bootstrap 3. And all the signages in the society are pure Glyphicons
prtksxna (We only use the best)
prtksxna Sir, you won’t be running IE would you?
Ford_Prefect No, but I hope I can let my firefox run around the complex
prtksxna Sure sir, we even have a swimming XUL :P
Ford_Prefect prtksxna, I like you
Ford_Prefect So responsive
prtksxna Oh thank you sir, its my job to respond to all media queries
Ford_Prefect :D

The Hidden Trail

I recently had to go to Lower Parel to meet a friend. I had never travelled in the Local and decided it would be a good idea for this trip. When I reached the station I asked a kind man for directions to the mall I had to reach and he pointed to a small opening in the railing of the platform. I looked at him a bit bewildered, but as I was a early anyway I decided to check it out. What that tiny opening lead to was one of the most unbelievable roads I’ve ever seen in a city. I wen’t back again to click some photos and to be sure if it really exists.



I asked quite a lot of locals if they’ve been on this road and they hadn’t. But one guy did tell me there is something similar near Goregaon (must check that out too). If you’re in Mumbai, I say you should go check it out. I’ve made a small map to help with the directions.