Show Your Work

by Austin Kleon

This book is one of the reasons my blog exists. It encourages the reader to share their work and their process. Though it convinced me that sharing is good I still have my insecurities about writing.

While my hesitation to write in English is being aided by On Writing Well and The Elements of Style, doubts about who I am and who would want to read me will take more than books. Starting the blog was easy, but writing takes more courage than I thought it would.

Afterlife IRC

prtksxna yuvipanda: sleep!
yuvipanda but… but… gdb
prtksxna yuvipanda: SLEEP
prtksxna hits yuvipanda’s head with a bat
prtksxna dumps yuvipanda’s body in the Mandovi
yuvipanda it’s ok
yuvipanda the code works now
yuvipanda and I understand most of it
yuvipanda I can go to sleep
yuvipanda in
yuvipanda peace
yuvipanda now
prtksxna yuvipanda: You are dead
prtksxna yuvipanda: And in a river now
prtksxna yuvipanda: None of that matters
prtksxna yuvipanda: This is afterlife IRC, not the real one
Fordrefect prtksxna: you mean it’s not irl irc?