A persistent Table of Contents

A recent discussion on Wikitech-l lead to the idea of having a persistent Table of Contents on Wikipedia articles. Timo had shared the Underscore.js and Asciidoctor docs as examples but I liked Bootstrap’s the best because it collapses headings and shows you where you are. I sat down to experiment and came up with this —

toc expanded wikipedia

toc expanded wikipedia

You can try it by adding the following code to your common.js

The table will show up on the side once you have scrolled past the first heading. There are a few bugs and I am not collapsing headings as I am not yet sure if its necessary for Wikipedia articles. Feedback and ideas are welcome!

Church Bells

Since the day I started getting up early, there have been church bells. Every morning, without fail — 6am in Mumbai, 5am in Goa — never missed a day. Until, they did.

For a week or so I heard nothing. I’d even go out to the balcony hoping to catch a faint note. I never gave them a second thought while humming along, but when they were gone I wondered where they came from and who sounded them. Though I still don’t know their origin, at least I know I won’t lose them again.


When googling and playing every sheet I could find didn’t work, I tried to play them on the keyboard from memory. After a few attempts I had something and by sheer luck it was even in the right key.

I have never had to pursue the identity of sound like this. Not knowing the lyrics, the genre, or even a time period, I feared it might only live as a thought in my head. I sought this one out, but so many songs that I pass by in restaurants, on the streets, at carnivals and in people, will sadly be lost.

Searching for the piece by key was fruitful, I found sheets with improvisations and a video of someone playing those sheets.

Wikis don’t lie

prtksxna: The wiki wasn’t lying when it said that this channel was friendly :)
KartikPrabhu: prtksxna: people here write the wiki :P
prtksxna: :)
prtksxna: Note to self: People lie, wikis dont :P
KartikPrabhu: haha
prtksxna: Wikis can’t, rather.
KartikPrabhu: “wikis don’t lie” new Shakira hit single
prtksxna: /o\

(with KartikPrabhu at #indiewebcamp)



  • a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.
  • division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.

— A rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism.

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

by Andy Hunt

This is probably the fastest I have ever read a book. In just a day it gave me a lot to try and think about.

Reinforcing some of my own thoughts, it gave me validation to try out techniques I would otherwise feel uncomfortable with. I can foresee it helping with some of the programming concepts that I have been struggling with.

Feed Me

I haven’t posted on Facebook or Twitter in a while. I see my feed sometimes and use Facebook chat (over BitlBee) regularly. The recent scare about privacy probably triggered this, but I must confess that I don’t understand it fully. Not understanding is scary.

In my time away, I realized that I wasn’t missing anything. I no longer had to decide whether the person I met once at that café was a friend, no longer had to see what my 2nd grade classmate ate for lunch, and no longer scrolled past every  update my favorite game studio made to their new release.

I was still following blogs using Feedly, so I knew what my sister was eating, what Yuvi was hacking on, and what Super Pietpiet was drawing. I could see that effort was taken to create this content and I felt better consuming it. No one was limited to 140 characters and Facebook didn’t forcefully crop their pictures into a square.

There was one thing that I continued liking about these sites though — they had a feed of my life.

This feed wasn’t complete or accurate, and though limited by the time I was active on these sites, it was a good record. I posted links that I wouldn’t be interested in now, photos that’d embarrass me, and status updates that could have altogether been avoided, but, those things were truly what I was doing and thinking then. Only after a grueling conversation with Arun, and later Rhea, did I become comfortable with this annoying past self. Arun even convinced me that the worst that could happen by continuing this is that I’d have something to laugh about later. That didn’t sound too bad.

And so I continue to embarrass the future me — by maintaining this blog, on my server, rather than elsewhere. I made this theme so that I am not limited to full text posts. With Sid’s help, _s, and ACF, I was able to setup multiple post types. I can post check-ins, photos, quotes, statuses and albums like most social networks. I have complete control over how they look, right down to the tiles I want to use in the map. I like to call this theme Feed Me — it gives me the flexibility to add even more post types and the freedom to make them look the way I want.

Oh, and most importantly, in a dire situation I can delete everything on my server and all the embarrassment along with it.