prtksxna — is waiting for npm install to finish

Afterlife IRC

prtksxna: yuvipanda: sleep!
yuvipanda: but… but… gdb
prtksxna: yuvipanda: SLEEP
prtksxna hits yuvipanda’s head with a bat
prtksxna dumps yuvipanda’s body in the Mandovi
yuvipanda: it’s ok
yuvipanda: the code works now
yuvipanda: and I understand most of it
yuvipanda: I can go to sleep
yuvipanda: in
yuvipanda: peace
yuvipanda: now
prtksxna: yuvipanda: You are dead
prtksxna: yuvipanda: And in a river now
prtksxna: yuvipanda: None of that matters
prtksxna: yuvipanda: This is afterlife IRC, not the real one
Fordrefect: prtksxna: you mean it’s not irl irc?

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