Wikimedia Commons: Android App Icon

When I went to Bangalore to pack up my stuff, lut4rp‘s home had been converted into a hacker space with YuviPanda and GeneralMaximus hanging around. I didn’t have too much client work and realized that it was the best time to make a design contribution to open source and familiarize myself with the process.
Yuvi was (and still is) working on the Wikimedia Commons application. He wasn’t completely happy with the icon and I decided to make one according to the iconography design guidelines in the Android design docs. The logo has a pretty complicated shape but I wanted to keep it consistent with the other launcher icons with the slight depth on top and light shadows.
After completing the design I sent my first ever pull request (I have no idea why I was scared to do this earlier) which after a couple of changes and iterations finally got merged to the repo. I am not completely happy with the rendering of it, but it looks fine on smaller sizes, guess I’ll change the shading a bit and send another pull request. I am glad that I got past this hurdle and have been sending more (but still trivial) pull requests to other projects as well. Hope this streak keeps going πŸ™‚

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