The Backlog

All of us have a bunch of different backlogs β€” emails, todo tasks, articles to read. New backlogs get added all the time too β€” recipes to make, podcasts to listen to, places to see. While we keep working on our backlogs, the problem is, that we add to them faster than we subtract.

The book you just finished reading references others that are now on your reading list. After releasing your new project you already have a list of things that you need to fix in it. As you constantly move closer to death – the time you have is decreasing, but, your backlog is increasing, often exponentially. This is not sustainable!

the backlog graph
I wish I had better memory of this day

So what are we supposed to do? Prune? Prioritize? Panic? I’ve been practicing an unhealthy balance of these three for a while and am increasingly getting comfortable with its constant hum bothering me. As long as I keep making new spreadsheets and projects on Todoist, I’ll be just fine πŸ˜…

Wikis don't lie

prtksxna: The wiki wasn’t lying when it said that this channel was friendly πŸ™‚
KartikPrabhu: prtksxna: people here write the wiki πŸ˜›
prtksxna: πŸ™‚
prtksxna: Note to self: People lie, wikis dont πŸ˜›
KartikPrabhu: haha
prtksxna: Wikis can’t, rather.
KartikPrabhu: “wikis don’t lie” new Shakira hit single
prtksxna: /o\

(with KartikPrabhu at #indiewebcamp)

Afterlife IRC

prtksxna: yuvipanda: sleep!
yuvipanda: but… but… gdb
prtksxna: yuvipanda: SLEEP
prtksxna hits yuvipanda’s head with a bat
prtksxna dumps yuvipanda’s body in the Mandovi
yuvipanda: it’s ok
yuvipanda: the code works now
yuvipanda: and I understand most of it
yuvipanda: I can go to sleep
yuvipanda: in
yuvipanda: peace
yuvipanda: now
prtksxna: yuvipanda: You are dead
prtksxna: yuvipanda: And in a river now
prtksxna: yuvipanda: None of that matters
prtksxna: yuvipanda: This is afterlife IRC, not the real one
Fordrefect: prtksxna: you mean it’s not irl irc?

HTML5: Real Estate Agent

prtksxna Thodi see margin aur padding toh chalti hai yaar, kya karega itni real estate ka. Dalla sala.
(A little bit of margin and padding is fine man, why do you need to much real estate, are you an estate agent?)
Ford_Prefect prtksxna: which makes you a real estate developer?
prtksxna YESH
prtksxna I landscape properties using CSS
Ford_Prefect transform them
prtksxna And customise homes with JavaScript
prtksxna All our homes are HTML5 sir, would you like to see the markup?
prtksxna doctype html5: certified
Ford_Prefect What’s the super builtup <textarea>
prtksxna 150 characters sir, more that Twitter even!
Ford_Prefect πŸ˜€
prtksxna You’ll make the downpayment sir? You’ll get HTML today, and JS and CSS as you pay the installments
prtksxna Ford_Prefect sir?
Ford_Prefect Is the modular.js kitchen included?
prtksxna Yes, sir, with backbone.js sariya (iron rod)
prtksxna And angular.js fans
prtksxna We have an ember.js fireplace too
prtksxna but that is for the single page apps, they are slightly expensive
Ford_Prefect Is that bootstrap scaffolding I see?
prtksxna Yes, sir! Bootstrap 3. And all the signages in the society are pure Glyphicons
prtksxna (We only use the best)
prtksxna Sir, you won’t be running IE would you?
Ford_Prefect No, but I hope I can let my firefox run around the complex
prtksxna Sure sir, we even have a swimming XUL πŸ˜›
Ford_Prefect prtksxna, I like you
Ford_Prefect So responsive
prtksxna Oh thank you sir, its my job to respond to all media queries
Ford_Prefect πŸ˜€

Whattay Game

prtksxna not sure what to write though :\
anexasajoop Kuch bhi likho
prtksxna k
anexasajoop Phir main bhi kuch bhi likhoongi
prtksxna k
anexasajoop \:
prtksxna phir woh kuch likhenge
anexasajoop Haan ji
prtksxna πŸ˜›
anexasajoop Whattay game!
anexasajoop q:

Fresh off the Oven: New APIs for Kivy

prtksxna tshirtman: Is this the only way to make the device vibrate? No wrappers yet? https://gist.github.com/tshirtman/4719140
brousch prtksxna: Feel free to contribute a vibration wrapper to plyer https://github.com/kivy/plyer
tshirtman prtksxna: that’s the only programatic way i know, but you could put your device in a microwave to make it vibrate, of course πŸ˜€
prtksxna tshirtman: lol
prtksxna brousch: I see
tshirtman of course the feedback() call is the important thing here πŸ™‚
brousch for desktop OSes we could turn up all the fans, spin up the hard drive and CD-ROM to make it vibrate
prtksxna brousch: MacOSX does that automatically from time to time πŸ˜›
tshirtman brousch: oooh, good idea
tshirtman bonus points if there is an old printer or (glorious!) a floppy disk slot
prtksxna This feels more like kernel panic than the good old vibrate…
brousch Maybe just open and close the CD-ROM tray quickly
prtksxna Hmm, makes me wonder, there should be an API to increase the temperature of the device. That’ll help in games πŸ˜›
brousch prtksxna: Turn on the GPS and peg the CPU?

Python Hangs in Mid-Air

prtksxna is bothered by the lack of ‘end’ or ‘}’ in Python. Code just hangs in mid-air :\
geojeff πŸ™‚
tshirtman prtksxna: haha, you’ll get used to it πŸ™‚
tshirtman it’s magical, code just hangs in mid-air πŸ˜€
geojeff yeah, that’s a good one
geojeff and the inverse is something like, this javascript code is “all clamped to the ground”
prtksxna tshirtman: hehe
tshirtman geojeff: ^^