Church Bells

Since the day I started getting up early, there have been church bells. Every morning, without fail β€” 6am in Mumbai, 5am in Goa β€” never missed a day. Until, they did.

For a week or so I heard nothing. I’d even go out to the balcony hoping to catch a faint note. I never gave them a second thought while humming along, but when they were gone I wondered where they came from and who sounded them. Though I still don’t know their origin, at least I know I won’t lose them again.


When googling and playing every sheet I could find didn’t work, I tried to play them on the keyboard from memory. After a few attempts I had something and by sheer luck it was even in the right key.

I have never had to pursue the identity of sound like this. Not knowing the lyrics, the genre, or even a time period, I feared it might only live as a thought in my head. I sought this one out, but so many songs that I pass by in restaurants, on the streets, at carnivals and in people, will sadly be lost.
Searching for the piece by key was fruitful, I found sheets with improvisations and a video of someone playing those sheets.

The Hidden Trail

I recently had to go to Lower Parel to meet a friend. I had never travelled in the Local and decided it would be a good idea for this trip. When I reached the station I asked a kind man for directions to the mall I had to reach and he pointed to a small opening in the railing of the platform. I looked at him a bit bewildered, but as I was a early anyway I decided to check it out. What that tiny opening lead to was one of the most unbelievable roads I’ve ever seen in a city. I wen’t back again to click some photos and to be sure if it really exists.


I asked quite a lot of locals if they’ve been on this road and they hadn’t. But one guy did tell me there is something similar near Goregaon (must check that out too). If you’re in Mumbai, I say you should go check it out. I’ve made a small map to help with the directions.