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A person who doesn’t usually play games played Breath of the Wild. Here are the learnings from their playthrough:

  • Controls
    • Had trouble getting used to them, especially in high-pressure situations
    • Button prompts showing where the buttons are in relation to each other was helpful
  • Camera
    • Was hard to control
    • The lock-on button that centres the camera to Link was helpful
    • Instinct was for inverted axes, possibly because of interactions on touch screens
  • Open spaces
    • Were helpful in providing breathing spaces
    • Being able to run away was helpful, gave a break between action
    • Beautiful landscapes were calming
  • Objectives
    • Didn’t pay attention to the HUD
    • Was focussed on the objectives and didn’t feel the need to explore
    • Uncluttered map was helpful, as it only had the main objectives
  • Solution space
    • Problems having multiple solutions and no one right answer was helpful
    • Leads to discovery and excitement
    • The number of options aided player expression
    • Experienced players can experiment with multiple strategies, and less experiences players are able to find at least one way

Challenging yet approachable design helps build confidence in the player

πŸ”– What Breath Of The Wild Is Like For Someone Who Doesn’t Play Games