I haven’t been able to spend a lot of volunteer time on Wikisource this year. So, instead of transcribing the 333 pages of History of India Vol II, I started validating Tagore’s work Nationalism. It’s a relatively small work, and Balajijagadesh and others had already done a great job transcribing and proof-reading it. The work is now fully done, ready to be downloaded and read. I even nominated it to be the featured text! This is my first time doing it, let’s see how it goes! 🤞🏾

How to add {{missing images}} on Wikisource

Coming back to Wikisource after a few months’ hiatus I have forgotten how to do common tasks like adding images to pages. Making notes here to refer back to:

Photoshop Levels dialog
  • Open the purple links (problematic pages with the {{missing image}} template).
  • Open that page on Commons and download the biggest available JPEG.
  • Open the file in Photoshop.
  • Command + Shift + U, to desaturate the image (if applicable).
  • Command + L, to bring up Levels. Use the “Sample the image to set a white point” options to get the correct colors.
  • Use the perspective crop tool if the image has a frame (lets you pick corners instead of a frame), normal crop if not.
  • Save with a naming convention, usually – Title – Page Number – Book name.
  • Use UploadWizard to upload images in bulk and copy over information like categories, date etc.
  • Remove the {{missing image}} template in pages and use pre-established convention to add the images to the page.

Also see the help section on Wikisource, specifically about making some of these changes using a command line tool. I still need to understand what kind of templates to use when uploading the images to Commons.