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Cascade is a new multi-player word game for the web. I was responsible for its game design, creating CSS3 animations, Rails development and implementing WebSockets. Cascade was a Notable Runner Up at Mozilla GameOn, and was featured at Indie Prize: Game Developer Ninjas and Casual Connect Singapore 2013.

March 2013
UI Design, Front-end & Rails Development
as Path Seventeen

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AndGoWhere is a travel website to find hidden properties for the discerning traveler. I was responsible for Rails development and creating a full-fledged CMS for AndWhereGo, in addition to doing the front-end development to achieve pixel-perfect implementation of the website design created by Story This.

December 2012
Front-end & Rails development

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Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a book cataloging app for personal libraries. As one of three people involved in its development, I helped conceptualize the application, its features and user experience. Further, I created the API for its mobile application, fetched and cleaned up data from the Open Library API for use in Ex Libris, and implemented the web design.

June 2012
Front-end & Rails Development
as Path Seventeen, with Pooja Saxena



QCOK is an online, collaborative set of tools for facilitating quality management in organizations. Under the guidance of Sanjaya Kumar Saxena, I took care of the back-end development in Rails and the front end development. I designed the brand identity for QCOK, as well as overlooked the User Interface design of the entire tool.

November 2011
Branding, UI Design, Front-end and Back-end Development
with GrayPE