Collecting does not increase our knowledge. Reading a text effectively and assimilating it’s ideas does.

Reading without taking notes increases our knowledge temporarily, so not taking notes wastes time in the long run. Our notes should reduce the need to look up the original text.

🔖 The Collector’s Fallacy

Just knowing about a thing is less than superficial since knowing about is merely to be certain of its existence, nothing more. Ultimately, this fake-knowledge is hindering us on our road to true excellence. Until we merge the contents, the information, ideas, and thoughts of other people into our own knowledge, we haven’t really learned a thing. We don’t change ourselves if we don’t learn, so merely filing things away doesn’t lead us anywhere.

I argue that we fall into the same trap of false comfort when we bookmark web pages and sort the bookmarks into folders or tagged categories. Bookmarking a web page is satisfying because we get rid of the fear of losing access to the information.

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