🔖 Pieces of Thinking (archive)

Reasons why some people in the Hacker News community have stopped blogging and why Desmond (author of this post) continues:

  • Lack of readers. The author finds writing to be pieces of thought that help him think.
  • Fear of being wrong and having a public record of it. The author believes that everyone has the permission to grow and that people’s opinions can and should change over time.

🔖 How the Blog Broke the Web (archive)

Web homepages used to be weird hand-made things until blogging and content-management systems like Movable Type came into the picture in 2001. People switched to these systems because they were easier to use, but it meant that everyone got reverse-chronological diaries whether they liked it or not. This trend has continued with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

A reverse chronological feed is not the only way that hypertext can be molded, but the early systems have put the web on this trajectory. Other shapes of hypertext like wikis or forums have not remained as popular and don’t have many tools around them either. Even newer shapes of hypertext could still be discovered.