Fresh off the Oven: New APIs for Kivy

prtksxna tshirtman: Is this the only way to make the device vibrate? No wrappers yet?
brousch prtksxna: Feel free to contribute a vibration wrapper to plyer
tshirtman prtksxna: that’s the only programatic way i know, but you could put your device in a microwave to make it vibrate, of course πŸ˜€
prtksxna tshirtman: lol
prtksxna brousch: I see
tshirtman of course the feedback() call is the important thing here πŸ™‚
brousch for desktop OSes we could turn up all the fans, spin up the hard drive and CD-ROM to make it vibrate
prtksxna brousch: MacOSX does that automatically from time to time πŸ˜›
tshirtman brousch: oooh, good idea
tshirtman bonus points if there is an old printer or (glorious!) a floppy disk slot
prtksxna This feels more like kernel panic than the good old vibrate…
brousch Maybe just open and close the CD-ROM tray quickly
prtksxna Hmm, makes me wonder, there should be an API to increase the temperature of the device. That’ll help in games πŸ˜›
brousch prtksxna: Turn on the GPS and peg the CPU?

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